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¿Alguien sabe cuales son las opciones del comando ROUTE?


Publicado 23 febrero 2013 - 15:35
Hola, quiero usar el comando route add pero no encuentro una guía de uso o algo para aclararme el tema un poco. A ver si me podéis ayudar.

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Publicado 23 febrero 2013 - 15:49
Te pongo las opciones del comando route, espero te sirva!

[font="Courier"]ROUTE [-f] [-p] [-4|-6] command [destination]
[MASK netmask] [gateway] [METRIC metric] [IF interface][/font]
[font="Courier"] -f Clears the routing tables of all gateway entries. If this is
used in conjunction with one of the commands, the tables are
cleared prior to running the command.[/font]
[font="Courier"] -p When used with the ADD command, makes a route persistent across
boots of the system. By default, routes are not preserved
when the system is restarted. Ignored for all other commands,
which always affect the appropriate persistent routes. This
option is not supported in Windows 95.[/font]
[font="Courier"] -4 Force using IPv4.[/font]
[font="Courier"] -6 Force using IPv6.[/font]
[font="Courier"] command One of these:
PRINT Prints a route
ADD Adds a route
DELETE Deletes a route
CHANGE Modifies an existing route
destination Specifies the host.
MASK Specifies that the next parameter is the 'netmask' value.
netmask Specifies a subnet mask value for this route entry.
If not specified, it defaults to
gateway Specifies gateway.
interface the interface number for the specified route.
METRIC specifies the metric, ie. cost for the destination.[/font]
[font="Courier"]All symbolic names used for destination are looked up in the network database
file NETWORKS. The symbolic names for gateway are looked up in the host name
database file HOSTS.[/font]
[font="Courier"]If the command is PRINT or DELETE. Destination or gateway can be a wildcard,
(wildcard is specified as a star '*'), or the gateway argument may be omitted.[/font]
[font="Courier"]If Dest contains a * or ?, it is treated as a shell pattern, and only
matching destination routes are printed. The '*' matches any string,
and '?' matches any one char. Examples: 157.*.1, 157.*, 127.*, *224*.[/font]
[font="Courier"]Pattern match is only allowed in PRINT command.
Diagnostic Notes:
Invalid MASK generates an error, that is when (DEST & MASK) != DEST.
Example> route ADD MASK IF 1
The route addition failed: The specified mask parameter is invalid.
(Destination & Mask) != Destination.[/font]
[font="Courier"] > route PRINT
> route PRINT -4
> route PRINT -6
> route PRINT 157* .... Only prints those matching 157*[/font]
[font="Courier"] > route ADD MASK METRIC 3 IF 2
destination^ ^mask ^gateway metric^ ^
If IF is not given, it tries to find the best interface for a given
> route ADD 3ffe::/32 3ffe::1[/font]
[font="Courier"] > route CHANGE MASK METRIC 2 IF 2[/font]
[font="Courier"] CHANGE is used to modify gateway and/or metric only.[/font]
[font="Courier"] > route DELETE
> route DELETE 3ffe::/32[/font]


Publicado 23 febrero 2013 - 18:22  AUTOR PREGUNTA
Gracias!!! A parte alguna guía de uso del comando ROUTE.. o algo así? :wub:


Publicado 23 febrero 2013 - 18:24

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de nada :)


Publicado 23 febrero 2013 - 18:26  AUTOR PREGUNTA

Por favor Identificate o Registrate para poder ver este contenido

de nada :)

Gracias!!!! sobre todo por la rapidez