Tengo listado una Ip en UCEPROTECT nivel 3, ¿como lo arreglo y elimino de ahi?

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Publicado 18 septiembre 2012 - 12:17
Pues me he encontrado la desagradable sorpresa de estar listada la Ip fija donde tengo un servidor Exchange, es bastante raro porque aparece en UCEPROTECT, tienen tres niveles pero solo aparece en el nivel 3.

Tengo configurado bien el firewall, en principio no debería tener este problema..

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Publicado 18 septiembre 2012 - 12:21
mmm hasta donde yo sé el listado en UCEPROTECT nivel 3 no es problema tuyo, bueno sí lo es pero el problema es que han listado muchos spammers bajo tu ip pública.


si tu Ip es la:

Si en el rango hay muchos spammers declarados te incluyen ese rango y apareces en el listado. En este caso con quien debes hablar es con tu ISP Proveedor de servicios, ya sea Telefónica, ATT, France Telecom etc.. (depende de donde seas) y hablar con ellos para que lo corrijan.


Publicado 18 septiembre 2012 - 12:24
Como dice Turiel, el tema va por ahí si solo estás listada en el nivel 3. Por experiencia te digo que los proveedores suelen hacer poco o nada al respecto. Así que te recomiendo, o bien que te cambien la Ip fija a otro rango sin esos problemas.. (lo sé es un peñazo si tienes sobre todo correo detrás) o bien cambiarte de proveedor (petardazo igual)...

te copio lo que dice UCEPROTECT al respecto que es más o menos lo que te comentamos:

What does it mean to be listed at the UCEPROTECT-Level 3?
UCEPROTECT Network operates three levels of blacklisting, so our users can make the decision how strong they want to filter.
While UCEPROTECT-Level 1 lists single IP's only, UCEPROTECT Level-2 escalates and lists spammy allocations.
UCEPROTECT-Level 3 is the highest possible escalaion, complete Autonomus Systems (AS) get listed at Level 3 if there were too many spamming IP's (listed in Level 1) originating from said AS within the last 7 days.
If the provider harbours too many spammers and only has one ASN (Autonomus System Number) that logically means:
All IP's of said provider get listed at Level 3 then.
While in fact UCEPROTECT-Level 3 is nothing than pure mathematics based on Level 1, one could best describe UCEPROTECT-Level 3 as a boycottlist.

As you should know now: It is not you, it is your complete provider which got UCEPROTECT-Level 3 listed.
Your IP XX.XX.XX.XX was NOT part of a spamrun, but you are the one that has freely chosen your provider.
By tolerating or ignoring that your provider doesn't care about spammers you are indirectly also supporting the global spam with your money.
Seen from this point of view, you really shouldn't wonder about the consequences.

Therefore we recommend:
Please send a complaint to your provider and request they fix this problem immediatly.
Think about this: You pay them so that you can use the Internet without problems;

If they are ignoring your complaint or claiming they can't do anything, you should consider changing your provider.
There are currently about 105,000 providers worldwide, but only a few hundred make it to get listed into UCEPROTECT-Level 3.

According to the statistics measured against the mailflow of several national authorities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, those few providers which often end up in our Level 3 are responsible for 50 - 75% of all global spam, while almost no real mail came from their networks and ranges.


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We often get to hear the argument: My provider is so hugh, and they have so many home users, it is almost impossible that they can create effective measures to prevent spam.
This statement is simply wrong and an excellent good example for a large but clean provider is AOL (ASN 1668):

AOL has about 6 million IP's and the majority of their customers are likely to be home users.
In spite of this size you can nowadays see almost no spam from the AOL address space.

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The question must be: If AOL can so effectively prevent that their customers are sending spam, why can your provider not also do so?

If your provider really wants to stop the excessive spam coming from their ranges they would simply install some preventive measures.

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Can't you make an exception for me?
We never make exceptions. Requests are futile. Only your provider can fix this problem.
Anyway our system respects IP's which are registered at

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, these are excluded from Level 3.

How can my providers total IP-space be removed from UCEPROTECT-Level 3?
After your provider has fixed those excessive spam problems, UCEPROTECT-Level 3 listing will be removed automatically and free of charge as soon as the causal Level 1 listings will expire and decrease below Level 3 escalation limit.
Every IP temporary listed at Level 1 expires 7 days after we have seen the last abusive action originating from there.


Publicado 18 septiembre 2012 - 12:26
Incluye tu ip en

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Publicado 18 septiembre 2012 - 12:30
Gracias! me habéis ayudado mucho los 3... creo que me decantaré por incluirla en

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aunque es un poco negocio... 84 € 2 años... pero pone que lo quitan de UCEPROTECT nivel 2 y 3!

es que cambiar la Ip es un follón ahora mismo la verdad..